Who is Rocker?

Rocker Insurance Prep is a small team of technology professionals working to limit the risk of companies from hackers, malware, and rogue employees.

Technology Experience

Rocker’s team has a long history of working with different technologies. We started working with systems in 1997 and continue to building systems, educating others, and consulting.

Projects include

  • Data management across international borders
  • Protecting medical data submitted through online forms
  • GPS location collection from mobile phones while insuring privacy
  • Protecting mobile devices used by children
  • Development of APIs and workflows to sync up a number of systems

Medical, Legal, IT, and Accounting Experience

Rocker’s team has worked with professionals in various professional industries. Clients include small- and mid-sized professional companies. We understand the frustration of simultaneously protecting information while maintaining an efficient workplace and meeting the demands of your customers.

Insurance Relationships

We’ve worked with a number of technology insurance underwriters and will use our relationships to help understand any complex risk situations. You know relationships are everything. We’ll share ours to help limit your risk and ensure the carriers understand that not everything fits into a “Yes/No” box.

Experience with Multi-department Management

The factors involved in applying for tech insurance are often multi-departmental and sometimes multi-company. We’ve worked across groups to ensure the entire company is on the same page regarding tech insurance and continued compliance requirements.

Why Are We In Business?

Rocker’s purpose is to make a profit while helping others protect their assets through proper technology risk management.

What led to starting the business?

  • One of Rocker’s founders had to use technology insurance in the 2000’s to protect his company from a frivolous lawsuit.
  • In 2015, another client needed the insurance to make sure all its bases were covered on a new project.
  • Friends & family consistently ask about protecting their family and businesses from data breaches and hackers.
  • Insurance agents do not have the technical background or time to fully scope a customer’s needs.
  • The “Whew!” factor: after we helped a few people, they were back to normal and not emotionally stressed about their exposure and lack of coverage.

Rocker’s founders understand Technology can be confusing and it continues to be tough to manage. Constantly evolving laws and tech tools can cause someone to feel like there’s no way to safely manage tech assets. We knew we could do it and like to help others.

It feels good to work for something you believe in and enjoy doing.

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