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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

What is tech insurance?

In simple terms, tech insurance is like any other insurance except it provides coverages for things like a hacker attack, an employee losing a laptop, notifying your customers when you’ve been breached, and more.

Do I really have to notify people if I am breached?

Forty-seven states and some territories have enacted law requiring you to notify people if their personally identifiable information may have been or is stolen in a data breach. Read more on your state at the NCSL site.

Doesn't my malpractice insurance cover this?

Malpractice insurance does not cover cyberliability and electronic errors & omissions. There are other exclusions, too. You should check with your provider to discover what is not covered by your existing policy.

Doesn't regular liability insurance cover me?

No, you are not covered with regular business liability insurance.

Why would I need help filling out the insurance application?

We’ve learned a few things about this process and filling out the form is not always the easiest. Technology intimidates people. We find people have more tech and data use than they think they do, too. More employee risk. Having an expert help you could save you tens of thousands in the event of a dispute with your carrier and your customers.

How long does your analysis and getting the insurance take?

The review and filling out the application can take as little as three days if you have an office with fewer than 20 employees. Our longest project time was one month. Once the application is filled out, the insurance company may have questions for us. Generally speaking, the insurance company will bind you in just a few weeks after receiving the application.

What does Rocker's service cost?

The service fee varies based on a few factors. Take a look at the “Our Program” page for more info.

What does it cost if I do not get tech insurance?

If you are lucky, it’ll cost you nothing. If you are unlucky, then the costs could be as low as the ten’s of thousands and go up to a million dollars or more. We serve businesses between 20 and 2000 employees. Larger businesses face even more financial risk.

Glossary of Tech Insurance Terms


A person who sells insurance policies on behalf of one or more companies to gain the best coverage for his/her clients in exchange for a commission.


An outdated term for Technology Insurance.

Technology Insurance

Insurance protecting you from activities conducted on a computer or other digital device and usually related to breaches of privacy and/or loss of data.