Identity monitoring is one of the services I’m asked about most. Should you buy it? Do you need it? Is it worth it?

Rocker is building a few products and services based on feedback from our clients, friends, and attendees at conferences. I started the Online Safety for Parents webinar and the Ransomware webinar. Now, I’m adding in identity monitoring through a relationship with IDShield.

Why identity monitoring? I’ll explain why I have it and use it:

  • My identity was exposed in the Anthem and other breaches. Those companies only offer one year of monitoring. I know the “bad guys” often sit on identity info for years before using it. One year of coverage is not enough.
  • My children are targets. IDShield covers my boys.
  • IDShield handles any identity issue for me. Insurance plans only reimburse you and you do all the work.
  • It is tax season and I don’t want to be included in the group of people who had to deal with fraudulent returns. My brother was a victim. It took 8 months to clear up, the IRS held his money until it was over and he estimated he spent 30-40 hours during work time fixing it.
  • It is not limited to credit monitoring. The service includes driver’s license, passport, bank cards, email addresses, and more.

IDShield uses the Kroll platform. If you have not heard of them, Kroll is the big fish when it comes to identity monitoring.

The individual plan is under $10/mo and the family plan is under $20/mo.

You can offer this as an employee benefit 100% paid for by the employee or subsidized by the company.

Interested? Check them out: IDShield

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