Rocker preps your company for technology insurance so you understand the terms, risks, and how to manage risk.

We work for businesses with 20 to 2000 employees. If you manage personally identifiable information, then you should look into our analysis & prep programs. Special programs exist for professionals maintaining a great deal of this information.

Special Programs


Physicians, dentists, labs, and other organizations often have malpractice insurance without technology coverage. The average breach at a medical office (non-hospital) is $100,000. We help you make sure the coverage you have balances the risk with the premium you pay. We also give you documents and procedures to follow to keep the risk low.

Law Offices

Standard malpractice coverage does not protect you against cyberliability and loss of client data. As a law professional, you are a trusted advisor and cannot afford to deal with the issues related to state disclosure laws, ransomware, and other potential time sinks and loss of credibility. Allow us to help you put a plan in place to protect all you’ve worked to build.


The accounting professional may store as much personal information as a medical professional. If you were a hacker and wanted to impersonate a person, what better location to get the info than the person’s accountant? Bank transactions, social security numbers, and addresses are often stored in an accounting office. Please make sure you have adequate protections in place for your practice.

IT Service Providers

Tech firms, independent developers, and other IT service companies often have access to passwords, data backups, and other critical information. Your policies and procedures should cover you from the worst events, but how will you handle public notifications or a rogue employee?

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