• Technology Insurance Preparation

    Helping you manage risk against breaches, hackers, and rogue employees.

Our Process

Learn why Rocker’s process sets us apart and benefits you.


Businesses always have risk. Our technology experts perform a risk analysis with you to locate areas of concern.


Our experts work with you to learn where the greatest risks are and what they mean to you — all in plain language.

Fill Out Application & Handle Calls

Your mind can rest easy because we handle answering the insurance application and all communication with the carrier. You are informed and always have final approval. We just interpret all the terms and explain to you in plain language.

People Make All the Difference

Industry Experience

Rocker’s team is made up of technology experts who understand the insurance application forms, major risk areas, and how to limit risk.

Ongoing Education

We must stay on top of all the latest tech trends and risks. We bring this knowledge to you and can notify you of new risks to your business.

Business Owners

We understand what running a business entails. Our team is comprised of current business owners, people who have held senior positions at other companies, and professional service providers.

Ready to get started?

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